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Our team has been living in Taiwan, China and Japan for years. As a manufacturing engineer with nearly 4 decades of experience, I’ve learned almost every trick in the book. One thing I’ve learned is that once you are “in the inner circle” of Asian manufacturing, you have access to the best suppliers. Typically, westerners work only with Chinese or other suppliers that can speak English. In those cases, you are paying a huge premium and not getting the best price or quality. We learned that the hard way.

We can help you source virtually any manufactured component from China or Taiwan. We’ve worked on many projects here and have built a network of suppliers that we can trust and rely on. You can use our experience and connections to save you big money, while also getting a quality product in a fraction of the time that most US suppliers can deliver. Our purchasing team has a vast network of trusted suppliers that can make this happen. They industry “insiders” that know how to get the best price and quality.

Why Quest

On time

Timely Deliveries are our strength

Low cost

Best cost & quality in the market

Highest Quality

Best quality of manufacturing


4 decades of experience to rely upon

Our Products

  • Injection molded parts
  • Molded rubber
  • Machined components
  • Die Cast Aluminum
  • Forgings
  • Seals
  • Hardware
  • Stamping
  • Gear motors
  • Electronic components

How it Works


Step 1

First, we can sign an NDA that protects both of us legally. All of my suppliers either have signed NDA or will sign before sharing confidential information.

Step 2

You send me your drawings or 3D model of the component you need to be made.

Step 3

We will discuss all details of your product to be sure there are no communication issues.

Step 4

Usually, within 24 hours we can provide you with the best cost and time estimate.

Step 5

If you agree to the quotation, you will pay a deposit. We accept Paypal, so your transaction is protected by Paypal’s customer guarantee. You have almost no monetary risk.

Step 6

Quest will obtain samples from the supplier and perform a quality inspection. If there are special features that we cannot inspect, we can send those to you for your approval.

Step 7

After we are both satisfied with the quality, the components will be produced.

Step 8

After production, Quest will perform another quality inspection before sending to you.

Step 9

Payment in full must be made before shipment.

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